Saturday, December 20, 2008


In 2006, I was actively helping my neighbors out with opposing a neighboring asphalt plant -- Virginia Paving of Alexandria, Virginia -- which was probably the largest asphalt plant in the country at that time. It also seemed to be making my neighbors sick -- very sick, as in cancer. Of course it could have been the incinerator, or the crematoria, or the waste oil processing facility, or the train yard, or the heavy truck traffic -- well, you get the picture. At that time, I thought it was the asphalt plant, and now, I think the Covanta incinerator could have contributed too. Of course we call it the Covanta "Waste to Energy" facility, but it is really just the dirtiest kind of power source on a pollution per Megawatt basis you can find anywhere. Burning trash for energy puts dirty coal (let alone "clean" coal) to shame in the polluting department. Plus, do we really know what is coming out of that stack?

Anyway, when in negotiations on the Virginia Paving SUP, my neighbor accidentally (or maybe not), used a variation of my e-mail address in a bulk e-mail to a group. The person who owned that e-mail address, responded "%#&*! your meeting and the horse it rode in on." Needless to say, people looked at me strangely at a local gathering, and I did not get any e-mails for a while.

Thus this redirect page...

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